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Spain '98
including Gibraltar,
Morocco & London

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Special Thanks

Dad Mom This web page is dedicated to my parents-in-law, Paul and Joyce Cavenagh who invited us to join them for two weeks in Spain and several days in London, and then made it possible for us to go.

In loving memory of Paul who went home to be with the Lord before it could all take place, and special thanks to Joyce who decided to keep the travel plans intact, and who proved to be an invaluable tour guide.

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

We found this to be totally true. We spent most of our time on the hilly Costa del Sol and it never rained there at all. In fact, the sun shone every day. We hardly even saw any clouds.
So . . . if it did rain in Spain, it must have fallen on the plain (when we weren't there). Even though it was the beginning of March, the temperatures during the day were in the mid 20's Celsius, making suntanning a delightful experience when we weren't out touring, marketeering or otherwise entertained. This is how it went . . .

British Airways


We arrived in Malaga by British Airways from Prince George and Winnipeg, via London (pic), on board several 737's and a 747 on Sunday March 1 at about 7:30 pm. It was dark and the air was humid, but delightfully warm.

The Dona Lola


After negotiating a rental agreement with a local car rental agency and then surviving the hectic drive from the airport to our condominium at the Dona Lola Resort in Calahonda, it was great to be able to finally flop into our beds and pass out.

We used the following day, Monday, to rest up after 2 days of travelling, waiting in airport terminals and a night on the 747 somewhere over Atlantis.

Pool at Dona Lola Our condo was luxurious with a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean and the semi-tropical vegetation of the carefully manicured courtyards. Orange trees were everywhere, and the pool looked inviting.

While the girls suntanned beside the pool, Len and Brian Lookout Tower went for a walk down the beautiful sandy beach. This was still winter in Spain, but before very long the warm sunshine forced their shirts off.

Every few miles along the coast there were ancient lookout towers in various states of disrepair. This one stands in stark contrast with the newer architecture of a modern apartment building.

Market Day


On Tuesday, market day in Fuengirola brought new challenges to all of us. Here we were exposed to the bargaining style of shopping, so foreign to us in Canada. One lady, who didn't have a booth, sneaked into the market and tried to sell Len a tablecloth. When the police showed up, she and a few others that were with her jumped into a car and drove backwards down the street.

Shauna and her Mom were not so lucky. After dickering in another location, they each bought beautiful crocheted tablecloths for 1850 pesetas each. That's about eighteen dollars Canadian. Sheila bought a watch, and Len and Brian bought some nuts. Brian sized up some leather jackets but was not able to get the price he wanted.

Marketeering is very tiring, so when market was over we returned to the resort and rested on lie-low chairs beside the pool. We could not get enough of this wall-to-wall sunshine!

On Wednesday, we went to a small market in Calahonda near our resort and Len almost bought a couple of sweaters, but the lady reneged on the deal she had agreed to so we left the market without them.

Sheila and Brian drove to Malaga to visit some friends of some friends at home who work at a Christian mission. Ab gave them a royal tour of the mission, and then brought them to his home where his wife Habiba had prepared a delightful Moroccan meal of couscous. This was a real honour, and a beautiful friendship was formed. What a perfect introduction for our subsequent trip to Morocco!

Street in Mijas


On their way home, Sheila and Brian drove up the narrow road from Benalmadena up to Mijas where the rest of the group had gone by bus. They did not find them, so they spent several hours exploring the streets of the little pueblo on the hillside above Fuengirola. The streets were very narrow and there were many little factories and shops where they made and sold furniture, pottery, etc.

Mijas Taxis Sheila and Brian were walking on one narrow lane in Mijas toward the end of the day when twenty or thirty donkey taxis decided to go home for the night, all at the same time. The poor animals were anxious to get home for chow time, and nothing would slow them down as they charged around the corners with their fancy blankets and harnesses still on them, and their carts and wagons bouncing along behind them. Everyone quickly stepped off the lane and marvelled as the Mijas taxi fleet passed within inches.

Flower Pot


Thursday found us heading east up the coastal highway past Malaga to the town of Nerja. We went into the caves which were nothing short of spectacular. The huge cathedral-like rooms were bigger than I have ever seen before. Lots of stalactites and stalagmites with every kind of formation imaginable. The beauty that we saw underground reminded us of the greatness and majesty of our Creator.

Nerja Beach After eating lunch in a little restaurant overlooking the beach we walked down the stairs and enjoyed a swim in the Mediterranean. The water was cool, but after all it was winter. After we got used to it, it wasn't at all bad.

The little guy on the rock was sombody we shrunk down and brought over in our luggage. We left him over there.

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