People began to arrive at Conrad and Merle's palace
late Friday afternoon and evening.
Everyone enjoyed a scrump-dee-lee-ishous breakfast
and a hot coffee to start the day.
There was plenty of time to share phone
numbers and e-mail adddresses with everyone.
Here Alex and Pauline looked over the list.
Cousin Joy is working on getting these out to everyone.
It was a time for families to re-unite.
Family members came from as far
away as BC and Ontario.
The weather was very good for the most part,
but we did have to take shelter from the
rain at one point.
There was lots of time to relax and visit.
And the setting was perfect.
Nothing like a good chinwag
on the front steps.
Someone was thinking ahead.
This beautifully decorated cake was enough
to feed this less-than-hungry crowd.
Lots of photographs were taken
to share at the next family reunion.
What are friends for if not to take
pictures at a family reunion?
What better way to spend the time than to
look at photos from the last reunion?
There were some good old ones there
to peruse as well.
Here are all the girl cousins,
Irva, Joy, Carol and Beverly.
Time to mingle and enjoy the view.
The Sutherlands, who now live there,
graciously allowed us to tour Grandpa
and Grandma Robinson's old farm.
Thankyou Ken and Vi for allowing us
to break your peace and tranquility.
The old house, now deserted, was flanked by large trees
whose branches scraped against the top floor windows.
Time to reflect.
Melrose (right) remembered the
"good ol' days" when she and John were courting.
Stories were shared of memories
surrounding the old homestead.
Conrad and Merle's house is also their castle.
Is that the queen I see on the veranda.
It WAS the queen and she said she was most
honoured to be at our Robinson Family Reunion.
She said that secretly she always wanted to be
a Robinson. (I still don't know why she chuckled.)
Here, the queen and the prince
posed for the cameras.
Here Prince Conrad showed his "stuff"
as he put his horse through its paces.
This was some talented horse and rider.
The horse showed us it could walk sideways,
backwards and forwards.
(I never knew horses had reverse.)
The Swan Valley Museum holds lots of
intrigue for Frank and Brent.
Irva and Elgin found a treasured photograph of their father
taken while he was in the army during the
first world war.
Melrose spotted something that
brought back memories of long ago.
Orlan examined some farm implements he was so
familiar with growing up on the farm.
Sheila shared some of her
discoveries with Patricia.
Douglas shared some of his memories of
the Swan Valley with Sheila.
This museum holds lots of fascination
for Terrell and Rick.
Carol and Don had many fond
memories of this area.
Orlan and Margo were intrigued
by the old telephone office.
It brought back memories for Margo.
The weekend went by all too fast,
and soon it was time for David and Ebba,
and everyone else, to say goodbye.